Thursday, December 17, 2009

4. Dark

Totally not inspired by "Friends from the other side". ...okay maybe a little. ... a lot.

MAN, I love that song<3

Limited palettes are fun, but I'm wondering if this shows up enough. It looks fine on my screen.

...the song enhances viewing pleasure<3> seeing that movie, by the way. Definitely one of my favorite Disney movies ever, now.

I might as well put this up, since there's no point in re-uploading it on deviantart. I cleaned this up a little bit on photoshop at school, I like it way better now. It also fit very nicely with the picture above, the faces on Snag and Evil Dread look almost idetical.

P.S. Pause at 2:19 on the "Friends from the other side" video. It is hilarious.

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