Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The connect 4 project

AHA, I've found another good use for the blog! Someting you'll never see in my art gallery: The projects I have to do for school! They're actually pretty good. c:

This project is actually due tomorrow for finals. It's a group project with 3 other people, we choose an important person in history/pop culture/ etc to do the report on, and then we find a way to connect the 4 people together.
Our group wound up with Marjane Satrapi, Antonio Prohias (I recommended him to one of our group members), Anthony Burgess, and Jean Jacques Rosseau.
We have to build a structure about all four people, so we basically have a box with each side designted to a person, with a picture, quotes, a poem, a quick summary of them and their name.
Of course I chose to do the portraits and it wound up being a pretty big project. I drew Prohias and Marjane in their art styles, considering they are cartoonists, while Jean and Anthony are done in realism. They're surrouned by important images and quotes. Jean doesn't have many images because I will add them tomorrow afer I get more ideas from the group member who did the report on him. I couldn't find any quotes on Prohias, but that's okay, he let his drawings speak for him.

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